• Hungarian-German Newspaper Now on Chronicling America!

    A newspaper dedicated to the community of Hungarian-Germans in Ohio is now on Chronicling America! You can visit the site to browse and explore  issues of the Cleveland Siebenbürgisch-Amerikanisches Volksblatt, 1939-1954. Hungarian-Germans, or Transylvanian-Saxons, were ... more

  • Charles F. Kettering, Ohio Inventor

    Charles Kettering was born August 29, 1876, on a farm near Loudonville, Ohio. After graduating high school, he took classes at the College of Wooster and worked as a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse before enrolling at The Ohio State University. After withdrawing due to eye problems, he ... more

  • Carnation City, U.S.A.

    Although its events span over two weeks in late summer, the main weekend of the Alliance Carnation Festival will be in full swing starting today. Let’s take a look at this unique local celebration from the northeastern corner of our state, with some interesting connections to ... more

  • A Nation Weeps: The Death of Ulysses S. Grant

    Monday, July 23, marks the anniversary of the death of Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War hero, 18th President of the United States, and Ohioan by birth. Grant’s military and political careers are well known: he is credited for having turned the tide toward a Northern victory, defeating ... more

  • Paddling Through Ohio History

    On July 13, 1913, the Dayton Canoe Club held its first regatta along the Great Miami River, sparking interest in rebuilding the area’s local White City Amusement Park, which had been destroyed by the disastrous 1913 flood earlier that year. The new park, seen in the photograph ... more

  • Sarah Margru Kinson, Child of the Amistad

    In February 1839, in violation of international treaties, slavers took a group of Africans from Sierra Leone to Cuba. Most had been kidnapped outright, but a few had been captured in war or, like a young girl named Margru, sold into slavery to pay a debt. In Cuba, two plantation ... more

  • Sweet Summer Time during the Great War

    Perhaps last week you celebrated the summer solstice by soaking up the sun at the pool or sought shade at a picnic in the park. In a few days, Americans across the country will come together for parades, barbecues, and fireworks on what is for many one of summer’s ... more

  • The End and the Beginning of an Age: American Children in World War I

    For American children in World War I, life on a home front far from battle did not mean life lived far from the effects of war. Citizens of every age and ability were called upon to assist in the war effort, and children were no exception. From gardening to raising ... more

  • Croatian Newspapers Now on Chronicling America!

    Two newspapers documenting Croatian-American history in Ohio and surrounding areas are now freely available and full-text searchable (in Croatian) on Chronicling America! Cleveland Radnička Borba, 1941-1946 Youngstown/Pittsburgh Zajedničar, 1954-1959 Croatians were among the many ... more

  • Pattern Book Houses: Designing the American Dream

    Books on architecture and home design have existed since the Roman Empire, when an engineer named Vitruvius documented and published acceptable building methods and styles. In the sixteenth century, an Italian architect named Andrea Palladio published a series of books that included ... more